Prevention is one of the core values for Dr. McCoy’s dental practice. Every patient has unique needs and all patients need conscientious and detailed examination and assessment of their dental health at regular intervals. Dr. McCoy will assess the soundness of every tooth, gum health and look for the presence of any oral cancer at every continuing dental care (oral hygiene) visit. He feels that if we catch problems early, we can keep them small and stop them from developing into more complicated and costly ones.

The program for treatment of gum disease is a non-surgical approach. Beginning and moderate levels of gum (periodontal) disease are treated. This is basically done with a pain free cleaning using Oraqix (topical numbing agent), a thorough ultrasonic debridement to clean away plaque and calculus, and application of antimicrobial paste (Arestin) in the pockets (spaces between the gum and sides of the teeth). Daily dental hygiene recommendations are personalized for each patient’s challenge of periodontal disease and dental disease.

Dr. McCoy only employs dental hygienists of the highest quality of dexterity, compassion and professional commitment. As a team they are constantly researching new methods to improve the program. They are very excited with the new results that are being discovered using dental lasers to heal, and in some cases, reverse the bone loss associated with gum disease. Dental lasers will probably become part of our treatment methods in the near future.